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Let's be real. 2020 is a year like no other. We've had to adapt and let go of so many plans and free fall into a pit uncertainty. Opinions and theories are rampant as we muster our way through COVID, elections, and letting go of so many things that should have been. As a mom to two high school boys, I mourn some of their losses far more than my own. And yet they are resilient, they adapt, and inspire me to do the same.

It's so darn hard. And yet, there are many silver linings. Sometimes I can see them as clear as day and other times they are elusive and hard to find. 

Knitting is one of my big silver linings. You knew that was coming. It has helped keep me afloat in these wild times, it has been one of my life rafts in these bumpy times. 

Prior to 2020, I would often stop or drastically slow down my knitting after the holidays and the seasonal shows had ended. This year, even pre-COVID, I kept at knitting and started focusing on my online presence. At the same time my entrepreneur teen son was diving in more fully to his YouTube channel and other online ventures. Over the year it has been such a treat to share our different but related successes. And, of course, amazing to have a savvy high schooler who can help me out of occasion! (Shout out to Holden Blaize YouTube channel.)

Test knitting has been an amazing way to build in accountability, learning new skills, marketing, and community. The talent out there is mindboggling and that there is a endless supply of new patterns such a treat. And while I might have less coffee dates with friends these days, my calendar is filled with launch dates for patterns and the wonderful conversations that take place around those.

For years I have had a solid market at local show with a few products, and while I love my niche, in past years would always walk the line of creating what I know sells and taking the time to try new items. 2020 has given me the time, drive, and inspiration to expand and try new things, find new passions, and expand my customer base. 

And while it is hard to overlook the challenges of this year, I hope that in the months and years to come some of my biggest takeaways will be the silver linings.

Wishing all of you peace, joy, and inspiration in these times!

~ Sahnya





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