Gift Giving .... tips for choosing colors

When it comes to choosing a hand knit item to give as a gift, it can sometimes be a bit daunting. A few tips are below.

1. Think about the colors your recipient tends to wear. Do they often wear bold and bright, or more subtle or neutral colorways? Do they have a favorite color or color combination, perhaps the team colors of  the team they are always cheering on? If you are looking at beanies or neck wraps, what jacket and coat colors do they wear?

2. Matching a jacket or go to color. Often finding an item that compliments the color is an excellent choice. For example, if your recipient often wears a purple coat, finding an item that compliments it can really accentuate the outfit. Perhaps it is a colorway that has a bit of the purple in it but also brings our other colors.

3. Ask. Feel free to ask your intended recipient what some of their go to colors are in the winter. Many people have a neutral coat or jacket that can work well with most any colors .... and if it pairs with one of their go to colorways, even better.

4. Trust your gut. Sometimes we are drawn to an item for someone and we may second guess it. Perhaps it is a bit different than their "normal". Trust yourself, most people love to have a new item that does not necessarily fit their norm.

5. Reach out to the maker. If in doubt, why not ask the maker for suggestions. 



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