Meet The Maker

My name is Sahnya. I am a yarn addict. 

I live in Central Oregon and am the lucky mama to two teen boys. I drink too much coffee (dark and black please), have a weak spot for chocolate, and am on the never ending and sometimes meandering path to try and take good care of my mental and physical health. 

When my now teens were babies, I traded in my passion for larger scale fiber work to knit. It is portable, easy to set down, and also allowed for me to work with color and texture while making (mostly) wearable items while also chasing after littles.  My love of knitting has continued to evolve and expand and somehow I do not seem to tire of it. 

For more than a decade I have been selling my items at seasonal shows. I've always been drawn to quality yarns and the depth of colors found in hand dyed yarns. Several years ago I started discovering more fully merino wool.  It's soft, breathable, and oh so cozy. And, it does not itch. Just as I was sold on working with this amazing fiber, so were my customers leading me to making nearly all my wears with merino wool.


Knit Cowl Pattern in photo is the Percival Cowl by Jenny Noto @wanded527