Broken Top Beanie - Diana
Broken Top Beanie - Diana
Broken Top Beanie - Diana
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Broken Top Beanie - Diana

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The Broken Top Beanie is my own design and the pattern is available on Ravelry or this website. This is a fitted style that with the ribbing element works well for small to large head sizes. This pattern can be knit in varying weights, the crown (top of hat) is beautiful. In all my patterns I try and make the crowns attractive so that they work well with or without a pom.

This beanie is made from Malabrigo Rasta in Diana

Extra Info:

Care. Merino wool is excellent at keeping its shape and repelling dirt and odors. It can be hand washed in cold water with a mild detergent and then laid flat to air dry.The pom should be removed prior to washing. If you find yourself in a downpour, your head will stay dry, but once inside, I suggest towel drying your beanie, scrunching it together and letting it air dry flat. If after much wear the beanie starts to pill, a sweater shaver is a great way to refreshen the beanie. For the ultimate refresh use a sweater shaver, then hand wash and dry the beanie and follow with a final use of the sweater shaver.

Faux Fur Poms. All the beanies and bonnets can have a removable pom. It is attached using a toggle button inside the beanie and makes it easy to take it on and off. When reattaching the pom, insert the two cords about 1.5" apart to make the pom have a more stable base. Thread through the toggle, pull tight and tie in a bow. If you would prefer not to have a faux fur pom use the code NOPOM and $5 will be taken off the price.

Yarn. I use merino wool. This materials is delicious to work with and wear. Merino differs from "regular wool" in that it is much finer, softer, and most importantly does not itch. Most people who cannot wear regular wool can wear merino. Brands such as WoolX and Smartwool use merino wool.

Additional Beanies. Because my beanies are largely one of a kind my website does not always reflect all beanies I have available.  Some makers strive to have set patterns and colorways for a season and while this works for some, I prefer to have fun making each unique. I sell at local shows and have yet to master the art of being able to track each items so that if it is sold in person it is removed from the website seamlessly. I welcome you to reach out if you are curious about color ways not listed, in some cases I can do custom work too.  I frequently post on Instagram and Facebook under Unraveled Handknits, this can be a great place to give insights on my latest makes or as a reference for custom requests.

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