Mirror Pond Headband - archangel and Laguna negra
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Mirror Pond Headband - archangel and Laguna negra

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Mirror Pond Headband knit with 100% merino wool. The headband had a flexible fit and will work for well for most teens and adults.

Each headband is one of a kind, there are two main colors with an accent color used for the start stitch. Also to add to the uniqueness,  there is an addition of a lighter weight accent yarn(s).

For care, hand wash in cool waters with mild soap, lay flat to air dry. Due to merino wools ability to repel dirt and odors and maintain its shape washing can be infrequent.

This one is made with Malabrigo Rasta in Archangel and Laguna Negra with an accent of Molino and Washted in Aguas.

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